Cummings Electrical Construction Dallas / Ft. Worth
 Electrical Construction Dallas / Ft. Worth

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cummings Electrical is to "Be the first choice for Customers and Employees in Electrical Construction and Services."

We Promise To…

  • Treat each other, our customers and the industry with honesty, integrity and respect.

  • Listen to our customers in order to provide innovative solutions to their needs and desires.

  • Develop and implement the best safety programs to keep everyone safe in our work areas.

  • Deliver all our products with the highest degree of quality, efficiency, value and competency in our industry.

  • Work together with a positive attitude and have fun in what we do.

  • Work as a team using our collective strengths and talents to exceed what we can do as individuals.

  • Build our company to provide opportunity and continuity for generations to come.